Guys With iPhones

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May 22, 2012 - 09:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Angelomello

    All the other contestants can take a seat. The winner!

  • Mikeythehairguy

    where have you been all my life? JK, I could never take a dick that big.

  • Wolfman

    I volunteer to give YOU the medical exam.  Such a beautiful, wild bush!

  • brannon

    im tryna get some of that

  • Endiadi La Rocca

    That hurts! <3

  • Appletatto

    DAMN you are SUPER HOT with your long DICK, show it hard... FUCK ME 

  • Matt

    amazing - what length and girth? 

  • milkmagnet

    U got my vote! In fact, think u've already won this round;) Awesome combo man

  • Peter Deim

    Seriously ?..!

  • Li


  • Tugg

    GD...Are you Blessed!!!!


    Holy shit now that's a cock.

  • Ding

    You would do jus fine & I'm the perfect match..

  • Milofan84

    Holy Crap i would love to get get my virgin ass pounded by that.

  • Surinamya

    Model all areas!

  • Timmy

    This has to be a painting of somebody's ideal person, right?  I mean, no real living human being could actually look THIS good!

  • Javin-69

    Can I wash your back for you?

  • lemonline2

    Have to say I found you hotter before... that's just way too much -- not that you can do anything about it.

  • jis89

    Big gun and delish!

  • Bdk

    Omfg that is pure perfection!! Best damn picture I have seen so far!!! I am in serious love with this guy, I love it when a guy has the whole package and I do me package.

  • Billy

    Holy Mother of God.

  • AG

    Lord Jesus!

  • White_brandon31

    I can't stop drooling. Lol. You are the definition of HELLA FINE!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • ScottyP.

    I agree with what they all said and also thank you for having that hot body and huge cock and for not shaving off your bush. It just completes the package.

  • Javin-69

    Please, PLEASE post a higher-res, bigger picture... this is something to remember for a LONG time.   THANKS!

  • Longislandguy9010

    Anything you want......
    just ask

  • Harold

    thats just insane!!!!!

  • Jerad_dc

    Complete perfection.

  • adrian

    man, your dick is bigger than you are!

  • MA

    So.... Do you wield that thing for good or evil?

  • MCA

    Beautiful face... Check, Beautiful eyes... Check, Beautiful body... Check, Beautiful skin... Check, Beautiful cock... Double Check...
    DAMN IT... some people have all the luck... Maybe you're as dumb as a box of nails or have a flat arse or something because so far everything else is working like a MOFO!!!

  • MagentaUser

    YES!!! Finally muscles and dick!!! Total package!

  • Fuzzy

    I need to make an appointment for a prostate exam.

  • SamFl

    I can't get pass this I have never seen this sense I have been looking on this site chest abs muscles and a monster Dick to go with it U got to be a porn star where @. post Again thx for posting .

  • That'll definitely ring my bell!

  • .francis.

    .you look awesome naked, thanks for keeping your bush.

  • Guest

    PLEASE be a top. <3

  • Mike

    Dick for days!!

  • Dave

    Fucking hot

  • Red_Light

    You totally need to be in porn.

  • SamFl

    I have three Question is this U on Yesterday . the next one is U a top R bottom ? Boi where U put all that in got to in sum Pussy Azz whole can't hold all of that plz say sum them Black shorts couldn't hold that.

  • MB


  • Damn, damn, DAMN!!!

  • eeroticeric

    holy shit. you should definitely go into porn.

  • Guest

    OMG!!! It is true what they say about black men.

  • ben

    amazingly fulfilling the stereotype. wow.

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