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May 31, 2012 - 01:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • BRJ

    I want my BF to sleep with you. Seriously...I want to know that your dick has been inside him and that he's full of your cum.

  • FelixJohn

    I'd take your load any day!

  • Shay

    You so damn hot naked

  • Shay

    You have a very body and cock.that hot body turns me on

  • Bo


  • Tache7

    Ah yes, I think I've commented on you in another pic.  Better face shot, really cute and handsome, nice hair, good bod and great model looks.

  • Pythonpr

    Just perfect in every way!

  • Its Me

    Awesome body bro!

  • Wade Biggs

    Not a big fan of the hair, but the rest is just fine! 

  • I'd LOVE to love your cock :-)

  • Tony

    You are a beautiful man, but I am sure you have know this your whole life

  • gmoney2899

    You have an amazingly hot body and cock. Those muscular thighs really turn me on, though.

  • suskeihattori

    Dennis the menace all grown up.

  • Mtxb2010

    total 100% perfection

  • Fuzzy

    Stunning crotch!  Beautiful equipment.

  • Chris

    You are so beautiful and sexy! I'm so glad you decided to keep posting; keep them coming. 

  • .francis.

    .you look awesome naked, thanks for still keeping some bush.

  • TeaseMe

    As amazing as your body is, I would "LOVE" to see your hair wet and combed have amazing facial features. Post again soon, please??

  • Inky

    sexy :p

  • Guest

    Beautiful guy!!!

  • Mike

    Handsome!! You should email me, .. I'm 19

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