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May 31, 2012 - 06:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Anthony C. Bowman

    Looking good handsome.

  • Deangreen2005

    The Republican ideas are repugnant.

  • Gentlemen - there's a very sexy looking guy in this picture (albeit he's used Mitt Romney's app other than how Mitt would like it to be used, I am sure) and he's NAKED!  Let's enjoy the fact he's doing this to get a rise of out all of us and has been very successful in doing so.

  • guest

      The guy who posted this has mentioned several times now, on  several photos he posted, that this was never meant to be taken as anything other than a joke. 
       Obviously, "Mitler" Romney has made no secret whatsoever of his anti-gay views over the years.  In fact, he just recently made yet another speech saying gay people should never be allowed to get married, right after Obama became the first prez to come out in favor of same-sex marriage...

  •  Hear, hear!!

  • MB

    Republicans can't spell? 

  • Guest

    And Democrats think there are 57 states in the United States.

  •  No, I do not.

  • Oh Wise One

    Alas, Mitt would ban such displays as he panders to the religious right.

  • Yeah, no...that's the fun with this App...Mitt's campaign spelled "America" wrong...It was his campaign, not me.  

  • InShockandAwe

    Just proves ignorance goes with Mitt ... he is all wrong for Americans

  • Nic

     Obama took a bad situation, spouted a bunch of hype and our country is in much worse shape. He did nothing,,, absolutely nothing what he promised to do.. Time to take back our country... GO MITT

  • Guest

    And Obama wasn't????

  • InShockandAwe

    Obama/Biden the ONLY answer !!!

  • N@+€

    Obama/Biden 2012....the ONLY answer.


    AMEN!!! Saved us from the brink and agendas that go back to the BUSH tax cuts for the rich don't work! Obama/Biden 2012!!!

  • Amtalon

    That was supposed to be the answer 3 1/2 years ago and things are worse. Mitt 2012!!  Put your country first!

  • Guest

    You're funny!!!

  • brian

    Is it meant to be AMERCIA rather than AmerICA????

  • Guest

    Obama thinks we have 57 states. Funny how the media never went crazy with that one.

  • Andy in Dayton

    The republican campaign suddenly got more interesting! :)

  • Anfer

    Hopefully you learn how to spell America soon.

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