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May 31, 2012 - 07:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Oh gimme a break!
    Mittens would SO not approve that message

  • Its Me

    I am so confused

  • Nick#1

    Does anyone not realize that the word America is misspelled????

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    Who are you dude? would love to chat with you. contact me.

  • marc

    Too subtle for the dim-witted

  • scott

    Proud independent thinking Romney supporter.What good is being able to marry in a socialist country?

  • Grand Rapids

    Perhaps you should bend over for Mitt, if he's elected, you'll be screwed as will the rest of us.

  • Looks like we'll be screwed no matter who gets elected.

  • Guest

    I am for Romney also. I will stand with you.

  • SamFl

    Mitt does not support Gaye issues don't forget who did.

  • Guest

    Obama doesn't either... he just wants the gay vote. Gay issues right now are not the most important issues in this country. We are in a recession and many people are without jobs, but the gays want to get married. Please, give me a break!!

  • ::sigh::...Irony...misguided Irony...

  • Jminton1985

    omg .... ill pray for you...

  • Guest

    OMG!!! I will pray for you!!!!

  • Andy in Dayton

    Loyal Republican?.....well represented! :)

  • selfloving


  • I was going for irony with these pictures...too subtle? 

  • guest

     yeah, it was much too subtle...  I didn't realize you were joking at first either, since (as you can see from some of the  comments) there actually are people out there, who support candidates who treat them like second-class citizens.

  • QC Johna

    okay, i'll write something on here to give your comment more attention ;)
    listen guys, that's him on the pic!!!!1 get your pitchforks out! we don't know no irony!!!! ;)

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