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May 31, 2012 - 04:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Brent

    Would love the chance to wrestle you.  contact me if you want... Just name the time and place...

  • JP

    Young, fit and almost clean shaven. Just sexy enough to make heads turn.

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    would love to take that off you. contact me.

  • Helloworld83

    So incredibly sexy! I love it when guys have just the right amount of muscle that make the limbs look long.

  • Jay

    My favorite pic of you in that red singlet.

  • Its Me

    Fantastic body bro, can we see the whole thing?

  • SamFl

    Pull them dwn a lil more so U can make everyone happy. Thx post again . 

  • Keep going - keep taking it off and please keep posting your progress!!

  • Red_Light

    I hope your singlet continues its downward trend.  You are supremely hot.  You would look SO great naked and hard.  (Hint Hint)

  • justsayin

    no seriously.....just a date

  • broddr

    Would love to wrestle you, winner tops. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that you might throw the match.

  • TeaseMe

    Very slip one entire leg out of your wrestling tights...

  • Chris

    Much much better. Lose the awful outfit.

  • Enrigayboy

    Fuck me

  • Guest

    I love you!!!!!!!!!

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