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Perez Hilton

May 31, 2012 - 09:40 AM
Perez Hilton on Guys with iPhones
  • jis89

    So us your cock

  • Adamikelolblue

    U r sexy show us more

  • Moca


  • BoHeem

    great job perez, inside every fat man there is a skinny guy struggling to get out ! fabulous abs btw :p

  • Heatherluva

    WOW! Amazing! Beautiful work :)

  • HeLo

    Sexy! Love the bod Pez xoxo

  • Peter Deim


  • Peter Deim


  • Damon

    Wow you look amazing Perez! Great job on working off all that fat, gorgeous looking body now, that's abs are super! And you look years younger without that nasty beard! Haha! Great seeing you here as always, take care, hugs XOXIXOXO

  • OcBoy23

    I wish you were a top.... :-(

  • Jasone

    I don't know why the bitches are whining... You're a guy and you have an iPhone! GuysWithiPhones has always prided itself on being all inclusive and non discriminatory. Shame some of the faceless trolls here can't be as open minded... Oh well that's the Internet for you, the power to post anonymously and comment in something you would never dare say to that person fce to face. That part is sad but I applaud all of those who put their pics up on the Internet and are brave enough and don't care about mindless criticism. You Perez are an inspiration to us all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

  • JP

    While I'm no fan of yours, but your success in losing weight proves that it is not impossible and everyone can do it, which is a good morale boost for struggling others out there.

  • Jake


  • Anthony C. Bowman

    Hello Perez how goes it?

  • WOW you look amazing! I think you are gorgeous! 

  • Art

    Love you!

  • HowardS

    You look better without the whiskers ! Awesome work on getting those abs :D

  • zebo

    great job on getting into shape! :)

  • BG

    Love you more than ever Prerez! Great job on losing all that weight and getting such a fabulous body, you're a true inspiration! :)

  • Marc Anthony

    SEXY!!!! :D

  • AHP

    Wonderful! Well done Perez! We love you :)

  • Ryan

    You look really great now! Fantastic achievement in getting that six pack!

  • Jo

    HAHA! Perez! Now you have really upset the fat queens here! LOL!

  • Jesus

    Some nasty comments here, but then you get over 10 million visitors daily to your website and have 5 million twitter followers - guess the few pathetic hate comments are just jealous of the audience you've achieved. That's the irony, they thirst for celeb gossip which you provide in abundance daily then whine and complain about it (after they have read it and gossiped about it themselves) and try to make out as though what you do is wrong - pathetic bitches aren't they? Haha!

  • Mark

    You look awesome Perez, sad that there are the haters here, I suppose they can't stand the sight of themselves in the mirror, haha, but you on the other hand are looking fabulous!

  • Sajam6969

    hes lost a lot of weight but his body looks weird and I must say Im not attracted at fact, i just threw up in my out a little bit - literally...UGH...

  • NOPerez

    It's not what I see that I don't like, it's the personality that sucks.

  • Mike Hunt

    But let's face it, you're just really annoyed cos you can't call him fat bitch anymore aren't you? LOL!

  • catwalk

    you can lose the fat but you can't lose the doofas

  • Rick

    and you, catwalk, can get dressed up, but you'll still be an ignorant nasty little bitch won't you? ;)

  • Deano

    Haha! Good one! :)

  • Heatherluva

    Sweetie we're proud of you for your weight loss and no I wont take the hater route by crying "gastric bypass". You have to be Carnie Wilson's size for that unless you went to some sleasy quack in Mexico but anyway I think you might have had a lapband. Anyhoo.... sweetie, you're starting to looking a little too skinny. Some people were meant to have a little meat on them. It's okay. Anorexia kills.

  • Bash

    Hate the guy...but he must really be proud of himself...that takes a lot of work...good job man

  • MagentaUser

    go away

  • N@+€

    OMG Perez!!!!!!!!!! As a 240lb ex-twink, u r an inspiration! P90X here I come! Keep posting please, if nothing else u r truly giving me hope! <3

  • Marco P.

    Perez LOVE you but, please you are too skinny now!!!

  • Chuck

    Wow Perez you're looking hot!

  • Drewcifer

    Starting to look a little gross here . . .

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