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September 15, 2012 - 11:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • BRJ

    I'd love to threesome with you and my BF. I'd blow you while he fucks you, then I'd lick your hole clean when he's done.

  • StreamlinedGuy

    Oh my gosh, I can't decide what I want more: my asshole wrapped all the way around that hot cock, or my dick buried inside that beautiful hole!

  • JD

    Seriously - you're hot - but dear lord your asshole is banged out pretty badly. Not attractive at all. 

  • Ralph

    please please let me eat your ass and suck your big cock

  • Its Me

    Did your cock get bigger?

  • scott

    How cum you never have a bud over with his cock up there?Your not trying very hard to get laid

  • $31971492

    There's NO place on you that I don't want to bury my face!

  • ScissorBoy

    Thank You - as usual - instant hard on...   still waiting to see that dildo up in your hot hole! :)

  • The Dawg

    I could spend all day between your legs...

  • Endiadi La Rocca

    It seems to.say pump inside me and stroke my cock!

  • TodStodo

    That cock needs to be in me!

  • Look at that plush-leathered-looking mangina...  vicious genetalia never looked more gorgeous...

  • Steve

    YUMMMMMM Dawwm

  • You are fucking GORGEOUS!!!  I LOVE YOU!

  • Mike

    That asshole looks like it's had a lot of cocks in there! And your cock is huge!

  • Rod Rider 10

    with a little proding, my huge cock should fit in that hole!!! :)

  • Wolfman

    Jeez . . . yes, yes, yes!

  • Tony

    dude wow, you always have such hot pics showing your fat cock.....super hot

  • Blk4wht1978

    You're just freakn' hawtness... I love ALL of your pictures!

  • Griffin

    Jesus, did a train drive through that asshole? 

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