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Perez Hilton

September 30, 2012 - 06:05 AM
Perez Hilton on Guys with iPhones
  • JDR

    Grow your hairy chest back. It looks way on on a muscular torso.... 

  • Anthony Jordan

    The Grinch. Bad hair plugs. How about popping those zits on your chest? Gross.

  • Jude_027

    You are an ugly man

  • B.J.

    Damn! Your body looks amazing!
    You look hot as fuck!
    Love itttt! ;)

  • :^P

     you look like the grinch! :D

  • pat

    Girl please

  • Jeb

    Looking great Perez! I love how the more people post hate comments the more you show us your body and post more! AWESOME!

  • Glasgow1975

    again, good effort, congrats on the body, but really rather not see it Perez, and are they plugs or are you really that thinning on top?

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