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Grant Gustin

September 30, 2012 - 02:05 PM
Grant Gustin on Guys with iPhones
  • Billy

    He is so freaking hot. I hope he plays for our team.

  • Leo622

    I'll give you a helping hand, or mouth if i get my wish. Thanks for posting and would love to see more of you soon.

  • AndreasOslo

    Looking forward to seeing you with the Warblers soon

  • Awww.... Love to kiss you hand/wrist all better!

  • Jeb

    Love you in Glee so much!

  • Wolfman

    Aw, that's tough.  What can we do to make you feel better--much better?

  • Werebrett

    poor guy!

  • You know you are getting old, when you've got to go to to find out who someone is... so now I know who this gorgeous Broadway Babe is!  Glasgow's comment is priceless... 

  • Ryu

     You certainly are showing your age Rex, next you will have Google Glee right?

  • Just did for Glee but that's because I neither own nor look at television...

  • Ryu

     Oh yes, sorry I forgot about that Rex! Well, most tv you're not missing much but this guy has been acting in the popular tv show for the last few years. Strikes a chord with a lot of the gay audience, especially the character Grant plays as a gay teenager.

  • $31971492

    So he's talented as well.

  • Glasgow1975

    oh dear, too much wanking?

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