Guys With iPhones

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October 10, 2012 - 11:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • absolutely adorable!

  • OMG where r u? adorable!

  • Jay

    Damn, What a FEAST I would have. :-0

  • jis89

    Oh my :O

  • The Dawg

    I'm going to be the black sheep of the family, and acknowledge the lack of pubes. What else is new? Lol.

  • OMG - I'd so want to attempt putting most of that biggie in my mouth!

  • Red_Light


  • Bret

    Holy FUCK dude - you just made all my Ben Foster fantasies come true!  I can only hope and imagine he's cocked as well as you are! You look a lot like him, and that's a huge compliment in my book because I think he's one of the sexiest guys ever. 

    I'd love to get with you and just do all KINDS of nasty things to each other!   Sexy boy, Cody!  Thanks for sharing, you stud!

  • Wolfman

    Mercy!  How magnificent!

  • Peter

    Well worth the wait!

  • Zarathus73


  • RodRider10

    holy must be very popular

  • adrian

    wow, you are hot!

  • butterface

    Bend over and show that fuzzy blonde butt!  I love it al!!!

  • briankd

    wow dude.  great legs and a great cock too.  and the rest is easy on the eyes

  • $31971492

    good point. I hadn't noticed how sexy his other 2 legs were.

  • Guest

    Oh fucking yeah!   Woooooooohoooooooooooooo!  Big fat ginger lovin's going give it to me good!

  • Mike

    Huge cock!

  • $31971492

    Now I know why you have such a sweet grin on your face....

  • FF

    DAMN, that's big!  Well, at least compared to mine.  :-(

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