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October 31, 2012 - 02:05 PM
Halloween on Guys with iPhones
  • Wrath1084

    This is so fuckin hot. As a gaymer I find link to be one of the hottest video game characters.

  • cesar178

    I loved to play Zelda Ocarine of time but never thought i felt in love with the "real" Link :P

  • jis89

    Sexy hot Link! Now I know why you have many fans grrrh :)

  • rich

    What a beautiful man! What an amazing face. We'd look so good together ha! 

  • Andy in Dayton

    Love a man in tights.....sword fight! :)

  • FF

    You are so beautiful, I don't even that you are fully clothed.  I sincerely hope you post much more on here.

  • Wolfman

    Such a handsome guy should be here in my arms.

  • Havokd83

    You're fucking awesome dude!!!!!

  • $31971492

    Stunning face!

  • Cnorth5503


  • suskeihattori

    I'd spend all my quarters on u

  • gymbudd

    so Nice ahaha

  • lee

    damn son, you are fuckin' hot.  you can poke me with your sword any time.


    A hot, scruffy Link?  LOVE IT!!

  • primebeef

    Love and you are sexy to man..

  • Drew in SF CA

    Really cute guy.

  • anonymoose

    Very hot and nice costume... but now let's see you pull out your Master Sword!! :D

  • Scotty


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