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December 24, 2012 - 02:35 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • AndreasOslo

    What.....a Christmas tease
    Nice bush peek & chubby

  • UncleRobbie

    Leave 'em on and fuck me.

  • Crossfit84

    Make your bed!

  • top4yurbottom

     why bother. if it were me i'd be tearing him up on a daily bases

  • TyInTenn

    Come to my bed and let me fill your Christmas stocking ....

  • pornopete19

    slide them down slowly and let it pop out! 

  • Dudeboyjohnny

    No matter where or when you always look awesome and damn sexy!! You would make an amazing superhero with that body! Just look at how those thermals grip to your toned body. Mmmm ;P

  • allways sexy Anthony
    Merry xmas

  • irishboy7

    Looking hot Anthony. Wishing you and Austin A happy Christmas, Love when you guys thanks. HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everyone on gwip. 

  • sampeso

    Oh man your body is insanely hot, may I touch it ??

  • Drew in SF CA

    You look amazing.  Love to see what's under your longjohns.

  • Devil Dong

    Beautiful body!  Happy holidays.

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