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Austin Wilde

January 1, 2013 - 04:35 PM
Austin Wilde on Guys with iPhones
  • irishboy7

    Happy new year Austin. Dame fine babe. 

  • mred129

    Happy New Year Austin... & u 2 puppy!  (wish the same 2 Anthony 2!)

  • Dakota

    nice pup...ive been taking lots of pictures like that cuz sadly my 8 year old best friend is expected to die within the next 4-6 weeks

  • mred129

    Aww...sorry to hear that Klaine....lost my Gabbie last year but still have her sis keepin' me company.  I still wear Gab's rabies tag on a chain 'round my neck whenever I leave the house....I'll be thinkin' about'cha!

  • MAJ

    Sorry to hear about your best friend. I know you'll make his/her last days the best ones. I'll keep you in my thoughts. I lost mine last year. My heart still aches from missing him so much. Such unconditional love is irreplaceable.

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