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January 11, 2013 - 06:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • $31605766

    Don't listen to them Scotty. You are a very handsome guy and if you enjoy (as much as I do) taking these pics don't stop. I like them and look forward to seeing your new ones when you post them

  • mikez1

    Keep posting, I love your pics.  Don't listen to the others....  Take care

  • Scotty

    D E A L. And thanks. <3

  • Scotty

    I just like taking pics and I take them for my FB and Grindr and what not. I like to have a fresh pic each day. I don't feel that I need to remove my clothing to be relevant and/or interesting. I'm sorry that I'm "disappointing" some of you. There are plenty of guys on here with clothes on and many with clothes off so I would think that my pics wouldn't be too much of a bother. Thank you for ruining this for me. :-/

  • JoshS

     Keep posting whatever you want.  I bet most of us here love it.  I do.  :)

  • Scotty

    Thanks! I appreciate that. :-) I just personally feel that there's enough skin on here to go around :-) if I like posting pics of myself clothed and guys don't like it they can go onto the next pic. .... No harm done. I have every intension of posting still for the time being anyway. <3

  • scott

    It's just honest critism.Constantly posing with the only thing different being another color of the sweater,shirt,ect is boring after awhile.If we wanted that we could just look at clothing ads from Macys.Shallow it may be,we want skin-at least some of the time..

  • Danny

    How about taking off your shirt sometimes?

  • Mtimestwo

    Why would you ask him to do that?  Amazing that you (and many other guys) go there.  Just go to a porn site if you want to see dick and ass. 

  • eric

    yep,another serial poster.


  • JayyOhh

    This is kind of getting boring. I feel like this is the VS Fashion Show's of GWIP.

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