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Lance Alexander (From Dylan Lucas)

Cybersocketeer Highlight: Dylan Lucas Signed Towels Giveaway.

Love to get a chance to walk away with a towel signed by Lance Alexander? View this trailer featuring Lance Alexander at the beach, and answer the following question: How many times in total did you hear Lance say the word "cum"? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

To celebrate this occasion, membership to Dylan Lucas is also at 50% off. Giveaway and promotion ends 27th January.

January 21, 2013 - 05:35 PM
Lance Alexander (From Dylan Lucas) on Guys with iPhones
  • Mike

    1 time

  • theoriginalsinner

    one time

  • Dakota

    1 uno Echad

  • rippy84

    I heard it once... although I was more interested in what he was doing than what he was saying :)

  • Slipinurcock

    I count 1

  • Ben Wise


  • texastea


  • locker


  • NZer

    Once :)

  • incredible!

  • 1 time.

  • Suburban Guy

    just one time

  • Dudexl

    once :)

  • Benny1488

    once but he's hot enough that it should count for ten!

  • Esteban

    one, glorious time

  • Yourlilredwagon

    One time!

  • gadflyonthewall

    hottest new-cummer in porn!

  • dlyankeeboi06

    A lot of "oh yeah" but only said "cum" once.

  • Ghall66

    just once...and once is never enough!

  • one time

  • TDotDD

    just once :)

  • KaosPA


  • Mtimestwo

    One.  Never enough, though.

  • Andrew Davenport

    just one really really nice cum lol

  • kylschw

    Yup. Once.

  • Simp168

    once.. =)

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