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January 21, 2013 - 05:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Riot95

    your so hott!!!

  • nilla4me

    was not fucking prepared for how gorgeous this pic was going to turn out to be! damn.

  • Andy701

    Dee-lish! :P

  • dejablew

    Damn I'd love to ride that cock!

  • Marinerito1981

    It's Damien from BrokeStraightBoys!

  • eviljava


  • Alan


  • CLTrack

    Well worth every week of waiting. Please keep posting with that amazing cock

  • rOnIn

    I'm very picky about the cocks I would suck but this one is one gorgeous piece. I'd get on my knees and worship you all night handsome!

  • Guest

    Good things do come to those who wait! Very very nice well worth the wait. Now put it in my mouth.

  • gtone84

    Hellooooo Sexy! Just Beautiful!

  • UofCincyguy

    damn dude I never thought we would get to see that amazing bone, but glad I was wrong.   AMAZING BOD, HOT DUDE, AND A DICK WORTH WORSHIPPIN!!!    Perfect.

  • Fdzi

    hot bod, beautiful face, amazing dick. must be rough

  • D. A.

    Damn fine hard on you got there guy!!! I would gladly suck that cock anytime....anywhere!!!

  • Brian

    It was well worth the wait... beautiful cock to go with your beautiful body!

  • Jay

    OMG!! Finally revealed, Mr. Perfect...

  • DoMeDude

    OMG:  a perfect man!

  • MAJ

    Whew! Well worth the wait. Stunning!

  • .francis.

    .awesome, thanks for keeping your bush.

  • Kyle J.


  • fiddeus

    Smokin freakin hot!

  • ET68ET55E

    You can bang me anytime over the head......

  • trini4s


  • SoCal Rules

    Well worth the wait.

  • losttexan


  • Byguynj

    god dam.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bgr77

    the wait is over!  PERFECT!!!  May I suck it?
    for u, i would swallow...

  • Jockbun

    ahhh it's about time the beast has been unleashed, very nice

  • guest

    wow...just wow

  • JJ

    Absolutely perfect...I'm in love! ;)

  • JJ

    You've finally shown us your perfect cock!!! Hot hot!!

  • Mtimestwo

    Perfect would be having your mouth on it, pleasuring him. 

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