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January 29, 2013 - 04:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Ballyboy1

    mmmm hot!  wish youd ur body smooth... yummm

  • ScissorsBoy

    sexy - may we see your ass now?

  • Slipinurcock

    You look like you just rolled out of my bed, come on back for a bit ;)

  • Perry

    Sexy...wish you had a bush though. Pubic hair is masculine and sexy!

  • Mooninleo27

    looks like a fat cock wrapped up in there - sexy body and nice arms but yeah - I don't get the shave generation

  • Andreas_Oslo

    You One Direction that hair & un-cut dick very well
    Prefer some bush though 

  • Andy_in_Dayton the Harry Styles reference!     :)

  • TyInTenn

    Tall, lean, and freakin' hot!

  • Juddy5757

    yeh the hair...but let the pubes grow!

  • peanutbutter

    Cute, smooth and uncut--tasty!

  • Danny

    So cute and fantastic body.

  • javi

    yummy... uncut...

  • Johnny

    So many uninhibited hot guys today, love that! 

  • dejablew

    I'd love to suck that gorgeous cock!!

  • marq

    you have enough hair on the head to make Donald Trump jealous,but shave the pubes?????

  • fiddeus

     well said!

  • Marco P.

    HORRIBLE hair!!!

  • Clayslinger

    oh you sweet young thing with a fat uncut cock, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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