Guys With iPhones

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January 31, 2013 - 10:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Mike F

    Love a young boy with BIG FEET!

  • edgordon29

    omy yummmy

  • BRJ

    I want to rim you from behind while you seed my BF's ass and then I'll move on to rim his when you're done.


    that's what I call getting a leg(2 legs) up on the competition. had to say it. lol

  • And flexible too!... good.

  • Chrisb_2011

    i know this guy and he is soooo hot

  • you've danced your way into my .....

  • Jim

    i wanna suck u off right now and then ride ur big cock

  • Jim

    i wanna suck u off right now

  • DoMeDude

    Totally flexible and perfect:  fucking delicious !

  • SoCal Rules

    Does that big dick help you keep your balance? Very nice.

  • Rod Rider 10

    any guy in that position is a bottom, wanna fuck?

  • Popsiclepete19

    nice big heavy hang'n dick there dude!

  • Jules1215

    That is such a hot pose!

  • cali_mark

    Fuckin nice

  • JJ

    Damn you're amazing! Love that hot cock!

  • Love a flexible guy ... woof!   Great body, great cock, love the shaved and smooth look too ... more pls ...

  • Johnxx302

    Great fuzzy legs. Nice ink. Abs and chest I could lick for days. Your feet look delicious mmmm, could rub and lick them for days. Oh, and beautiful tool.

  • God yes!!!

  • irishboy7

    NICE hot looking guy and cock. 

  • X_gabe_men


  • Buck W.

    There ya go, that's gettin there!  Almost hard!  keep goin! 

  • HBH1

    O baby assume the position

  • Brian

    Damn... hot body and beautiful cock!!

  • BBBH

    Love this guy!

  • Bri48051

    WOW.  Please never stop posting  Thank you.

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