Guys With iPhones

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January 31, 2013 - 06:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • minimikej3

    Let me take a ride on your disco stick?

  • scotttt312

    Please text me!!!

  • Cooper

    I love it!

  • Seth Garrett

    Mmmm...the things I would do :)

  • Im spartacus

    Older guys are more confident, happier in themselves, better conversation, know tons of stuff and are far hotter in bed than younger guys... that is one hell of a dick on that silver Daddy.

  • Pisces88Atl@g

    Oh daddy, if I were your boy, could that be my toy?

  • Musicman7

    I think Im in love!

  • Datflprboy

    It's always nice to see a daddy fit with a nice big dick.

  • Buck W.

    I'd play with his Pez dispenser any day! 

    And PS - Those little plastic "candy things" as Magmozine called them, can bring serious cash.  The most expensive one in existence - $32,000 bucks. And the not so rare ones that you can still get your hands on, from $10,000 to $700.  Don't shun that which you don't know just because you think it's weird or stupid. 

  • Nic

    I don't get why a couple of guys have to pass judgement based on a background of Pez's! Thanks for the back up : )

  • Nic

    Hey boys, easy now. It's a Pez collection like no other! But it's not mine.

  • Calvin Deuce

    Hey you got my Pez collection !

  • Mature Men Lover

    So what if he likes Pez dispensers. You know every one of you bottomless holes, would jump on that! You just wouldn't want anyone to know. I'm so sick of hypocritical size queens lying! Just grow up! you are all gonna be older one day, and I'm sure almost NONE of you will be this hot, and def. not this hung! 

  • Calvin Deuce

    Hey dips shit read what I wrote before you start going on your lithium fit !

  • Rob

    Pez dispensers...collectibles...It's ALL good!

  • Crossfit84

    Your just weird.

  • ScissorsBoy

    Wow - you got one helluva cock there Pops!

  • Magmozine

    Yes to your intense package, HELL NO to your colllection of candy things behind you.

  • Bodsmith

    I would date you in a heart beat!!!

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