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February 2, 2013 - 10:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Donovan

    He's probably a bottom anyway...

  • UncleRobbie

    I hope the body is real.  

  • Now THAT is truly Longdiculous!!! LOL :D

  • Seth_269

    I wonder how small his cock is if he needs to do silly stuff like this. Poor fella :|

  • Randylenell

    hmmm doesnt add up in this pic he looks  cut but in others its uncut

  • Rstarr

    you should work for roto rooter!

  • No way dude. If it were real, you would likely face a life of jacking it only....just sayin'

  • Shay

    Everytime I stare at that cock it makes me very horny

  • exhibiphone

    say what!!!!!

  • Seguamx

    guess I know who got my portion in the dick line.I want my money back or some of my dick back ! Either or is fine.

  • Carmen

    Cummon, it's not really THAT big! Lols

  • Davide

    It looks real to me.... I don't think it's photoshopped, it's just loooooooonnngggg!!!!!!!!!

  • Shay

    All the pictures are very very Real too me and I wanna suck that hot cock all day long like a lollipop

  • Folken74

    Lol, nice fake !

  • Nothing like a size-queen's scorn... perhaps, it's always been shopped...  ye fucking gods... I jizzed for nothing...

  • Shay

    I'll suck that cock all the time yummy and again that's the hottest cock ever

  • Dudexl

    i would like too see his face ;)

  • Mooninleo27


  • guest

    If a musclechub had this dick, he would be sex incarnate.

    On this guy? Not so much. Looks a bit 'shopped, too...

  • Brian

    I'm not one to accuse a pic of being photoshopped but this is quite obviously been photoshopped and why? ? You have a beautiful cock as it is.

  • Andy_in_Dayton

    If it looks too good to be probably is! :)

  • Samfla

    I told all of U it was fake I ask to see it on soft he never did it look to rubberish to me?

  • rOnIn

    Now that he knows he's been found out he's just poking fun at everyone who believed him ... haha ...good for you bro!

  • Sozo

    The other pictures look real but this however is just ridiculous! 

  • UncleRobbie

    Those other pictures look real??  In what world??

  • Sozo

     Yes, the other pics he's posted look real. Apparently, you haven't had much experience with big dick. Sorry :/ Believe it or not, some people have them and not everything, oh jealous one, is Photoshopped.

  • UncleRobbie

    Sorry you're so bitter and jaded, Sozo.  I'm not one to cry Photoshop, but it was pretty obvious to me.  I guess you're too eager to believe your fantasy of finding a cock big enough for your gaping hole is possible.  Maybe you should try the barnyard. 

  • Rodd1


  • Kent

    Totally disturbing, dude.  Photo shop....guy, you wish.  You look like a snake.  NOT PRETTY.  Get a life, dude.

  • Slipinurcock

    If that's real, someone should put you in porn

  • Joshua_carpenter33

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!

  • JJ

    Now that just looks ridiculously photoshopped...

  • kp

    Really? C'mon. Phhhssshhh.

  • dj651

    That's really disturbing looking. Sorry.

  • travelingtroop


  • I's like to see it flacid.....  Just for comparison. 

  • Mtimestwo

    Compare to what?  It's probably about an inch, that's all.  Seems he has to compensate for lack.  

  • Nibbles

     I'd like to see it erect ;)

  • Shamus

    Why do I have the feeling you are learning how to use photoshop?

  • John Thomas

    We get it you like photoshop.

  • Calvin Deuce

    Exactly what I was thinking Photoshop does wonders !

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