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February 3, 2013 - 03:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Jules1215


  • DoMeDude

    Yes, Sir!  Please, Sir...

  • SoCal Rules

    From one Vet to another. Stay safe and thank you for serving this great country.

  • Andreas_Oslo

    Thanks for your service & stay safe
    Keep posting marine

  • TeaseMe amazing as you look in both of your POSTS, any chance of us seeing in some running shorts and a tank top? Especially if you want to remain modest. You are one VERY handsome fella and "YOU" make the uniform look G-O-O-D!! Thank you for posting, and definitely thank you for your service to our country. Be safe YOUNG MARINER!!

  • Ryanderso88

    Simply put, you are beautiful.

  • fiddeus

    Looking hot Corporal! Thank you & be safe!

  • Calvin Deuce

    Nothing makes me drop to my knees more faster then a Marine in Uniform !

  • Anfguy87

    Very Sexy

  • Mtimestwo

    Thank you for your service and for the nice picture of you, handsome. 

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