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Jax Taylor

From: Vanderpump Rules

February 21, 2013 - 04:30 PM
Jax Taylor  on Guys with iPhones
  • RJ

    I LOVE u Jax!!!!!!!

  • Gso911

    With all respect...You are gorgeous, bro....  =)

  • Shay

    Hey Jax I have a huge crush on u bro u are very fine and very hot hot hot hot hot

  • Shay

    will you let me rim your hole and suck ur cock? I won't tell anyone it be behind closed doors u are the hottest bartender on the show

  • Nikky

    Thats one smokin hot body bro..

  • Shay

    would u do gay for pay if so let me know hit me up

  • my love

  • SRCinPDX

    Hope you aren't back together with that c*nt, Stassi!

  • exhibiphone

    now you're talking!  hope you're not leaving the show!  

  • Rod Rider 10

    will you let me suck your cock & rim your hole? I won't tell anyone, so it's not gay. Let me know. BTW, you're hotter than the other bartender,

  • EmpTX

    not sure who he is.. but he is one handsome fellow

  • cali_mark

    has anyone ever told u that u look like Jax from VanderPump Rules (Bravo, the other gay channel)

  • ManLover

    OMG!  Isn't that JAX from Vanderpump Rules?    DROP THE TOWEL!

  • anonymous

    JAX from Vanderpump Rules. Not gay boys...

  • LatinQT

    That's the guy from vanderpump rules!!!

  • Rynoluvscoco

    Holy crap!! He looks like Jax from Vanderpump Rules!!

  • Rdthomas6312

      Jax we love you, get peter in a towel with you ....please

  • Guest

    Nice bod keep working out u lok gud. 

  • Shay

    Oh My.....Can I have you in my bed naked.....I love the hot body

  • Shay

    My tongue wants too lick that very hot hot hot body

  • Jules1215

    Is that Jax?

  • Bowz77

    Is this Jax??? So hot.

  • Homer

    Oh My....can I bring you home with me for a the look !

  • Toddcocktail

    Aren't you the bartender from "Vandepump Rules"?

  • trophys5

    Leave this horrible towel ;p your the cutest

  • primebeef

    May I give you a tongue back handsome?

  • bobbyboots

    My God What A Sweet Boy

  • Shay

    Show me hot naked pics of ur hot hot hot body hit me up

  • Shay

    That's one smoking hot budy u have and let me lick it like a lollipop and suck ur cock too

  • curious

    Where is the towel-swiper when you need him?

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