Guys With iPhones

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February 25, 2013 - 06:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Adam


  • cylon8

    hecould stuff my white ass anytime wow

  • Jay

    If I had to the opportunity to take a big one, it would be you.  You look hot and got amazing piece of meat there.

  • c.westenra

    I stumbled across a video on xtube of this guy jacking off and it's this guy! Doesn't show his face but he's wearing the same clothes and in the same restroom. Hot video!

  • Anfboii

    LMFAOO that's me lol

  • KevvyKev

    You would get me to come back to the east coast, for sure.......

  • Ocnormalguy

    I want you sooo bad!!!

  • DAMN!!!! I'd do dirty things with you!!!!!!

  • i messaged you on twitter

  • Skinnerdick

    So hot but it would be THE  hottest circumcised - up for it man?

  • where you live?

  • andy

    nice slab of dick dude

  • O M G !

  • Anfboii

    You're welcome !!

  • guyinMD

    Thanks for hearing us and making the picture bigger.  Truly amazing.

  • Gwdgwd

    That deserves to be clothed in Royal Purple!!!!

  • prkutie

    Damn. .. What I would do to you!

  • tell me lol

  • prkutie

    I'll do better. .. I'll show you. prkutie@ . hit me up!

  • UofCincyguy

    holy fuckin hell dude.   that fucker is THICK!!

  • Ants330ci


  • Guest


  • fiddeus

    Freakin sweet!

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