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February 25, 2013 - 10:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • dneirfnew

    I could get lost in those eyes. wow so beautiful

  • Red_Light

    I hope you are all sweaty from a hot sex session.  That body is totally redunkulous.  WANT.

  • SWEET JESUS!!!!!! calgon take me.... take me FAR away!!

  • TIF

    Love your look <3

  • DoMeDude

    A hot fuck...

  • fiddeus

    Stunningly sexy & delectable nips


    YES PLEASE! I'd love to see more of you. So gorgeous! 

  • Pkscoop

    Stallone, anyone?

  • Marco P.

    You really need a haircut!

  • Andreas_Oslo

    Why so negative all the time?
    For once I would like to see a favorable haircut comment from you. I assume you only like crew cuts.

  • JW

     OMG....Don't touch one lock of that Beautiful Hair !

  • $31971492

    You should just shut up with the same comment, you sound like a broken record.

  • fiddeus

     My thoughts exactly!

  • dj651

    You are the whole package!  Dear God what I wouldn't do to you!

  • Phantom2002

    If you had green eyes, you'd be the man of my dreams.  Although, you're close enough.

  • Gso911

    I'm in

  • Anfboii

    damn papi … 

  • Filet_Mignon

    dude...u´re so handsome...please, show us your rod! 

  • Great Scotty

    Beautiful sweaty guy!!!

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