Guys With iPhones

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March 18, 2013 - 09:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • UofCincyguy

    damn you are one hot fuckin piece of man for sure!!!   I would so love to play with you.   And has everyone overlooked the load that is speckled all over his chest there behind the phone?  Or at least I think it is a cum shot.  If so I would have loved to help you clean up for sure man.

  • so THICK!

  • ChrisR

    No Hall of Fame???

  • fiddeus

    friggen hot!

  • Bowles3

    I guess some people get the good genes and some people don't... Damn it *sigh*

  • scott

    Its still early,but my vote for pic of the week.No flaws anywhere

  • dejablew

    Holy shit you are soooo fucking hot!  My cock is hard looking at you!  Would love to get breed by you stud!!!!!

  • EricT

    Dude, you are very handsome & beautiful.  You have a wonderful set of pubes, great legs (love the hair too), beautiful suckable cock and nipples, lovely torso, great chest and beautiful face to admire.  Look forward to more pictures.

  • HardCandyFE

    Great thick cock, man!!! Would love to suck you off... 

  • Great Scotty

    Nice.. very nice

  • Danny

    You're a hottie!    So cute, great body & love that bush.

  • gary

    f'in awesome.

  • Silly Ho

    Great bush.

  • Sadpuppy

    i'll agree with you 100% beautiful cock also

  • Laphog

     Good god almighty "HOT"!

  • Mikel

    Man, so hot!  Nice THICK cock!  Love it!  Don't EVER shave your hair off.... PLEASE!  Trim is fine, but don't scalp your crotch!  Take a look at the guy to your left for an idea of how goofy it makes MEN look.  


    those hairy legs serve to make that fat cock even more enticing

  • .francis.

    .awesome, thanks for keeping your bush.

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