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March 18, 2013 - 09:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • JB

    I've been watching to see more of you and am sad bc I you haven't posted anything else :(

  • vinman043

    To me, shaved pubes makes your junk look like turkey parts.

  • Doh

    maybe he has grey pubes

  • Dakota

    YOu have a well groomed beard, why would you shave the hair down below,,,esp with a nice bigger cock....if you dont like a lot of hair at least trim so you have some...This shaved look is such a turn off and dont understand its growing trend

  • catwalk

    I would call it a shaving trend not a growing trend, and no longer a trend; it is status quo these days. Get with it!

  • Glisses100

    Cute-handsome face, great bod and good cock

  • Jason

    Your so hot post some more of your beautiful ass :-) lets see it ;-)

  • Tjmolina9

    Be yourself bud... shave what you want to shave and grow it where you let it. You're absolutely hot. Thanks for sharing!

  • cali_mark

    fucking hawt....end of story

  • slimers

    I love the huge vein on his big, thick cock!!

  • Men In Focus


  • dejablew

    Woof!  I'd love to ride that big thick cock!!!

  • walsamfla

    Maybe sum one help me to understand what's the different hair R no hair without it look like Bigger Dick with hair look smaller help me?

  • scott

    I will try to help you,from my perspective: Pubic hair is natural,its part of your sexual make-up down there.Shaving is like removing a part of what nature gave you and should be left for women to do for whatever reasons we don't dare ask.

  • 21st Century - come join us

    fucking a guy is not what nature intended either, bet you dont have problem w that tho. Open your mind dude get over it.

  • that's a very close minded way of thinking. typical.  who the fuck cares if he has pubic hair or not? 

  • walsamfla

    Thanks Scott I guess UR Right.

  • Shavedinsf

    Perfect in everyway, love the shaved pubes.

  • KaySedia

    elongated neck and torso . . . power hips . . . gorgeous skin

  • Baby Boi as long as you don't go chopping off that gorgeous cock of yours, ain't a damn thing imperfect about you!

  • Great Scotty

    Very hot man... yeah. the pubes would be nicer.

  • Alex

    You look so hot.  Don't change  a thing.   You are my new fantasy!!!

  • Olivia_carey

    I have to say , I appreciate both smooth and trimmed or hairy even, I think you look great,  its your body and you should be smooth if you want ..

  • primebeef


  • gary

    regardless of shaved pubes, this man is jaw dropping beautiful.

  • Silly Ho

    I love your hairy face.

  • Mikel

    For the love of all things holy - MEN - STOP SHAVING YOUR PUBIC HAIR!   Dude, you're hot, you're handsome, good body, nice cock..... but you have facial hair and no pubes, it just looks ridiculous.  

  • UncleRobbie

    Why are you trying to tell him what he can do with his body?  Get over yourself.

  • Ben

    your opinion - just as many guys feel the other way.  live and let live.  shave and let shave.

  •  Agreed - either way this guy is still HOT!

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