Guys With iPhones

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March 18, 2013 - 08:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • like beef

    Aw 'cmon man, get rid of the damn tank top.  You look to good to cover up anything.

  • Crossfit84

    This is that hot half black guy from Randy Blue. Micha?

  • walsamfla

    He wont show his face it don't look like him ?

  • You're the most stunningly beautiful guy on here today...  <3

  • chris_bk

    now that's a handful - great view - post often shy guy

  • ulli buelt


  • If all of my muscles hadn't clenched up all at once, I'd be jumping for joy at this photo. Thanks you.

  • Those veins - the pleasures....

  • cali_mark

    amazing!!!  lovin on those sexy lips 4sure

  • walsamfla

    Thx Dude U did do what I had ask U to do post more U can show UR face they wont tell they saw U I ask how tall RU? Ps nice Dick it look a lil harder on this Pic.

  • fiddeus

    freakin hot

  • Sean

    Looks like you have the chemicals....

  • Sean

    Love your undewear...

  • Sean

    Nice dick boy!

  • Anfguy87


  • primebeef

    Brother anytime you  need a blowjob please let me now..

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