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March 29, 2013 - 06:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Swaggeru8

    great smile,handsome and hung...Mmmmm


    white hot

  • dragonclaw71

    Yea keep playing with that hott cock make it hard!!!!!

  • BRJ

    I want it in my mouth.

  • TIF

    Love your smile <3

  • Tbryan1984

    I'd be smiling too!

  • fiddeus



    i think that thickness needs TWO hands

  • DoMeDude

    I want to have his baby...

  • Silly Ho

    Your nuts look massive. I love big nuts.

  • cali_mark


  • fiddeus

    friggen hott

  • Rod Rider 10

    your "hourglass" figure is the envy of everyone on GWiP. 

  • Buck W.

    Fucking perfect!  but I bet you already know that..... sexy guy! 

  • Phil McGroin

    Eat something..

  • Thumper07

    Mmmm ... need some help with that ? ~ LicK ~

  • MAJ

    Here. Let me hold that for you.

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