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March 28, 2013 - 02:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Kevyndoes69

    I love the tats!!! sexy as shit

  • Its Me

    We need to see you daily

  • Vlognion

    Yummy.... Totally sexy bud

  • Silly Ho

    Impale me!!

  • WickedQueerBoi


  • irishboy7

    My ass whats that might fine hard cock. What a stud what a body, love they tats.

  • Kscottstern

    Nice!!! Looking better than ever...

  • BRJ

    Everything about you is stunning!  My BF and I could have some fun with you.  I'd love to work on those nipples while he rides that gorgeous cock!

  • Laphog

      I wish I could sell my soul to the devil... just to be with this man!

  • dejablew

    Breed my ass you fucking stud!!

  • glenmc

    GREAT too see you back!

  • Joooooooooey

    Mmmmm love the tats n tht huge cock

  • mtxb2010

    do you ever smile boo boo?

  • carlos

    in all his pics he's furrowed brough and scouling.could be because of the tats

  • Perry

    Dont love the tats, but otherwise u r hot!

  • Marco P.

    Too bad about the ugly tats!

  • Great Scotty

    Yum!!!.. Damn he is hot!!

  • fh

    love you're jock pics ! 

  • Rod Rider 10

    is that "glow in the dark"?

  • Shavedinsf

    Hot bod, cute face, great dick!

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