Guys With iPhones

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March 30, 2013 - 11:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Daniel Brooks

    Very handsome erection! Please keep posting. I would love to see your smile with that hard erection!

  • John

    it looks good

  • Filet_Mignon

    so fucking adorable cock!

  • DoMeDude

    Now there's a perfect man with an an amazingly perfect cock and full set of balls...

  • BRJ

    I want to feel you release yourself inside me.

  • dejablew

    I'd love to feel that big cock deep in my ass!!!

  • gmoney2899

    Gorgeous cock! I want it in my ass!

  • TyInTenn

    Feed that to me, please?!

  • fiddeus

    friggen gorgeous!

  • Tomjones

    Bet ya can't put that in yur mouth and say thank you.

  • Buck W.

    I could put it in my mouth and recite the Declaration of Independence.  Yes, I am THAT good!  ;) 

  • Damn!

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