Guys With iPhones

Guys And Counting
June 30, 2013 - 11:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • The Dawg

    As long as I have a face, you will have a place to sit.

  • BRJ

    I want to blow you while my BF fucks you. When he's done, I'd gladly lick your hole clean.

  • Mikal_Bos

    Mmmm that looks very tasty... :P

  • fiddeus

    sweet cheeks

  • Andy701

    More please. We need a closer shot of that perfect ass to go with those perfect bod shots. :P

  • seanbaxter

    thank you! it's my birthday today and i would love to eat your a@@

  • FelixJohn


  • HomoGenic

    only one? =]

  • Brick Cain

    if you're offering, I'm accepting

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