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July 4, 2013 - 05:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • D'bian12

    Dwn rite sexy..

  • Steve

    Love the hair - thanks for not shaving !!

  • Andreas_Oslo

    Welcome back
    You package diesels very well

  • Buck W.

    T-Man! Dude, long time no see! Wish you'd lose your clothing in your next image. That beautiful uncut cock of yours deserves to be seen by all!

    And since it wasn't included in these thumbnail images - here he is at his best! ---->

  • G.

    Little known secret: It's not like the pic you mentioned "wasn't included".

    GWiP's "Previously pics" feature is limited to the latest 20 photos of the batch but, if you go back to the last one of the roll, you'll travel back in time to older, but still linked, pics of the same GWiP'er. ;-)

  • Andreas_Oslo

    Thanks for posting the link & its also from July 4th
    A top 10 Hall of Fame pic

  • Kristopher

    Furry perfection.

  • Boris

    My God! Did you lose weight?

  • Shay

    So damn fucking handsome and sexy I love the fur woof woof

  • benban06

    Damn! Welcome back.

  • Dicko77

    Absolutely beautiful. More pics pls.

  • Jackson Knight

    Come on stud. whip it out!

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