Guys With iPhones

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July 31, 2013 - 11:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • SoCal Rules

    Fuck yes!

  • Qbanitoz

    Talk about appreciating a hot body not an inch to be wasted

  • Monkboy

    Well done, you have a very handsome physique. Thank you for sharing.

  • eagander

    LOVE the big pecs and shoulders!!

  • kris

    That face! I get that your bod is hot but you are one damn handsome man!


    Wow what a gorgeous man you are. Killer body. I would worship you.

  • Bairne

    Wow. Amazing, rockin' body!

    Encore, dude!


    OMG- a wish wrapped in a dream.
    can I have a hug?

  • goodlick11

    YOU are the poster boy for the word BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Andreas_Oslo

    They can go lower, nice tease
    Wish you had some bush though

  • federico bello

    Hot body!! grrr

  • MB

    Beautiful body, thanks for sharing

  • Shay

    Omg u hot

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