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Tristan Jaxx

August 17, 2013 - 02:30 AM
Tristan Jaxx on Guys with iPhones
  • J

    Tristan Jaxx is always yummy!

  • HomoGenic

    i can make a ring with my lips. wanna try that on instead?

  • Fuck me silly, god you are fucking awesome!

  • Shay

    So handsome and hot

  • Bookboy

    Very, very nice! Handsome, well build and even the glasses are working.

  • TDQ


  • Rabbit

    just leave the door unlocked...i'll crawl in on all fours to help you out with that cock of yours...turn me around and fuck me hard

  • exhibiphone

    i'm at the door, buzz me up.

  • $65626818

    beautiful chest and legs, lets see the view from the back of your hot ass! Fucking Hot! love the cock ring

  • YvesPaul

    Handsome, fit, nicely hung. Complete husband material.

  • hungry4dick


  • Dicko77

    Wow. Beautiful. More pics pls.

  • fiddeus


  • bl00pbloop

    that cock ring tho

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