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September 5, 2013 - 12:30 PM
Guys with iPhones

    That is one rock hard cock. You are truly blessed.

  • tommy griffey

    my god ur sexy that body n cock rock bro smile next time u deserve it

  • Swissre

    This guy is the second luckiest guy in the world. The luckiest is the guy he's fucking.

  • Buck W.

    That beautiful alabaster skin, lean, hard body, the beautiful HARD uncut cock -- Yep, there's no doubt that I need to have sex with you, multiple times.

  • TyInTenn


  • guest

    SUPER hot bush!!!

  • Richard


  • Crummy49

    Nice to see your handsome face and sexy bod back with a full salute ! Very nice, don't stop, keep coming back.

  • sunsetguy

    Michelangelo's model !!! Masculine,sexy and handsome for head to head. Thanks for sharing and for resisting the urge to ink your already perfect body. BARVO !!

  • Folken74


  • thumper07

    Love those beautiful eyes and luscious lips ! Yes ,... that hot body and nice big cock are sweet too :P~ x0x

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