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October 31, 2013 - 03:00 AM
Halloween on Guys with iPhones
  • Tache7

    Now this is sexy! Cute face, tight white leggings and showing off nice bulge. The red coat is great and adds to the visual appeal. Very well taken photo with a fair bit of thought put into it, so well done.

  • Mikal_Bos

    Can you show us the 5th position? Or the 69th... ;)

  • Annoymous

    VERY sexy! Can we see you without the tights on? :-)

  • MAJ

    Tsarevich Alexei, I presume?

  • broddr

    Great thighs, I'm just hoping you are a toy soldier and not a nutcracker!

  • D. A.

    I'd love to see something else "salute"!!!

  • Andreas_Oslo

    You toy soldier those tights very well
    Happy Halloween

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