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April 30, 2014 - 03:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tamara Mattocks

    Marry me! ;-)

  • Tamara Mattocks

    Most gorgeous man Alive!! Love the bed head look ;)

  • Tamara

    I don't know if you actually read the comments people post or not, but I was hoping to get ahold of you to tell you about a guy that is stealing your photos and passing himself off as you on dating/porn sites, I know this personally because I was one of the girls that was a victim. I have many of your photos from this site that he sent to me through text without even knowing this site existed until I started digging into his suspicious actions.
    Facebook me at Tamara Dawn or Tamara Mattocks if you would like more info or if you care that someone is doing that. I've already reported him, so I hope he doesn't continue to do this. Have a wonderful day!

  • Just stunning.

  • Aaron

    You are just one hot and beautiful man, even with clothes on you make hard.

  • UofCincyguy

    I think this just might be the sexiest pic you have ever posted. Something about the messed up hair, scruffy face, and tight fitting tee that just makes me want to mount you!!!

  • John

    And sexy hmmmmmmm

  • John


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