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June 30, 2014 - 11:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • SoCal Rules

    Wow! I would love to see you naked.

  • Tache7

    Great body, good smile and well-filled brief-style briefs.

  • Tache7

    Handsome, well-muscled, pretty incredible nads cradled in those briefs too.

  • John

    You are awesome sexy tell me yes, I won't say no, wouf wouf!!!

  • Andreas_Oslo

    Nice smile
    You pouch that jock very well

  • kp

    Holy good God! What a beautiful specimen of a man you are!

  • Aaron

    Mmm you look tasty.

  • Louie0828

    Hell Yeah ;-) now there's a GORGEOUS man!

  • Dr.Szell

    don't smile in the dark if you're trying to hide

  • Andy_in_Dayton

    Don't wear a white thong in the dark if you're trying to hide! :)

  • versamtl


  • Scorpx

    Absolutely stunning!

  • Drew in SF CA

    Very handsome man.

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