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November 30, 2014 - 11:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • SoCal Rules

    Beautiful cock and ass.

  • bigDGuy

    Fucking beautiful

  • Gabe

    Damn would like that foreskin to cover the head

  • javin69

    Thank you! Thank. You. YES!

  • FelixJohn


  • Aaron

    I have just passed out, I didn't think you would take it all off and you certainly don't disappoint. Please jeep posting your beautiful self

  • Crummy49

    Well I have to say the more I see the more I want. Please don't stop.

  • London

    DAYUUUM! With emphasis on the Yum! Sexy as fuck.

  • EnigmaCC

    I would enjoy getting a taste of both sides (front & back)

  • RubManFtLaud

    Beautiful man!! Wanna fuck?

  • Chris

    Looking good

  • gawker


  • Crossfit84

    I desperately wanna fuck you

  • seanbaxter

    i wanna eat that ass and suck the cum out of that cock!

  • seanbaxter

    A+ and belongs in the Hall of Fame! Pronto!

  • BosItlMusl

    So Nice !!

  • seanbaxter

    Seriously, I would love to play with you all day long. Lucky BF! xx

  • chris_bk

    outstanding full monty view - rotate - you cannot post often enough here

  • seanbaxter


  • dj651

    Damn you for having such an awesome body. I love your ass and your dick would make me howl.

  • seanbaxter

    worth all the teasing. love your ass and cock. thank you for sharing!

  • Hello_Blanche


  • Red_Light

    Damn, I'd love to have some fun with you and that awesome ass.

  • Crummy49

    So it was public and Stunningly Handsome ! Is there anything else you want to show ?

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