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January 31, 2015 - 03:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • rocky

    Paleo meals it looks like. Lotta protein you'er packing there.

  • TZ

    ew we know who is going to be shitting blood tonight... and whats worse? that confederate flag..

  • Buck W.

    We get it, you like beef and you like to spend a lot of time at the gym...... Now, show us what we're REALLY interested in..... The cock. The ass.

  • Jonathan


  • Jonathan

    hot SOUTHERN boy that loves his beef! WOOF

  • Buck W.

    Most all the southern boys I know are meat eaters..... Give most of em enough beer and they'll even eat sausage!

  • Jonathan

    true bro

  • SoCal Rules

    I want to see your package of meat.

  • Red_Light

    Enough with the ground beef, let's see the sausage.


    Somehow...I was hoping you were packin' meat...that wasn't quite what I had in mind...but...your belt buckle...whistle your Dixie for you?

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