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October 31, 2015 - 10:35 PM
Halloween on Guys with iPhones
  • LiL d

    Oh man use me for your wicked pleasures

  • minimikej3

    Yes Darth Vader, I want a taste of that beautiful thick cock and his companion balls!!!!

  • Oh the dark side!

  • AhnMyKneez4U

    HURT ME STUD ! ! ! !

  • John Gantt

    That's one big, pulsing light saber!

  • Dozer LA

    "Help're my only hope"

  • lundon aubry

    Wow what a beautiful body and thick cock

  • Swissre

    Just to be able to stroke that monster is on my bucket list.

  • I think he could open his own one-snake petting zoo. I know I'd visit.

  • J Russell

    I don't know about petting it, but I sure would Love to Suck a load out of the Hot Cock!!! WOW

  • Johny Starr

    That has to be one of the most perfect cocks on earth

  • javin69

    Or OFF Earth, for that matter.

  • MiJockBoy

    Damn, I love your cock!!!

  • J Russell

    me too!! My mouth is watering and I have precum dripping out my cock!

  • fiddeus


  • Andreas_Oslo

    Bravo for the bush Darth Vader

  • Indeed, the force is very strong with this one!

  • Andy_in_Dayton

    Darth Vader.....will you be our Father! :)

  • SoCal Rules

    I'd recognize that cock anywhere.

  • lakis

    who is it????????

  • SoCal Rules

    The guy with the Jabba the Hutt mask and a huge cock.

  • Mac92116

    I'd totally let Darth Vader fuck me... I'll get on my knees and be your Sith Slave!

  • J Russell

    Ummmm after me Mac, lol there's a long line my friend....and he has enough COCK for us all...haha

  • Drew in SF CA

    Impressive cock. I'd go over to the dark side for it.

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