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July 31, 2016 - 02:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • AlanSouthFL

    nice body and nice thick cock!

  • mred129

    So very hot..... but a hot trail & nice bush are so much more tantalizing....that shaved stuff is so lame.....[to me anyway] can't play around with stubble.

  • Al

    A beard but no pubes?

  • versamtl


  • MikeF

    when i look up the word OTTER in the dictionary, there will be a picture of this man.

    just gorgeous. however, i agree with the others....let your fur grow...especially down below.

  • Ozzilad

    .Can't get enough of this handsome furry guy. Please show us more.

  • irishboy7

    Beautiful ma

  • lundon aubry


  • SoCal Rules


  • Guy

    Ditto on the stop shaving your pubes request. You are effing hot and would be hotter more natural. Trimming pubes; YES. Shaving; NO.

  • steve

    damn hot - let the pubes grow and you'll be a perfect 10

  • Shay

    Hairy and sexy.

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