Guys With iPhones

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September 19, 2016 - 12:40 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Damien Romero

    DAAAAAAMN! =======>~~~

  • Michael D

    Wish I was there to clean up your mess with my tongue.YUM!

  • dklknAZ

    WHOA, Uncut!!!! Heavy load!!! Wish that wad was dripping down my face and body. You just got me instantly rock hard and edging hands free with this shot. WOW!

  • Al


  • javin69

    Sorry we missed it....

  • SoCal Rules

    That had to feel really good.

  • Brian Odom

    I feel like .......

  • Parrin McCoy

    Ah....don't you feel better stud. Too bad no one is there to lap up your spermy semen.

  • UncutItaly

    Felt amazing! I usually jerk off at least once a day - it had been about a 4 days worth

  • Parrin McCoy

    you go 'brah.....

  • steve

    every pic of this man just gets better and better

  • MikeinNJ

    What a great load! But it would have been put to much better use down my throat!

  • Guy

    WOW!!!!! Now that is a good load! LOVE HEAVY CUMMERS!!!!

  • UncutItaly

    It was an awesome rub! Wish There had been a bearded face to explode all over

  • Bill Roper

    Impressive!!! Would love to have seen that as it happened.

  • UncutItaly

    There were two things missing - An ass for some creampie and a mouth for clean up! 😋

  • ynoT

    Look what a BEAUTIFUL MESS you've made!! Lay down and do it again!! I want to see this explosion all over your shaft, balls and hairy ass crack!! GLORIOUS LOAD, Mr!! Thank you for sharing!

  • seanbaxter

    God! I love cum. Clean up on aisle 69!! Who is close to handle this cum clean up?

  • slimers

    I completely agree with you SB. I'll clean it up --hands-free!!

  • seanbaxter

    Can I at least watch?

  • slimers

    Of course. You're welcome to join in and we'll get it cleaned up lickety-split (bad pun intended).

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