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March 20, 2017 - 10:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • NakedTruthTN

    I don't know, I kind of find it inviting. He can finger-fuck me with it as a prelude, before I lay back on the floor there and spread my legs for him.


    I'd say you're a loser all around....looks, attitude, intelligence, etc. Pitiful.

  • lundon aubry

    Birdie is a NO NO here. Seen as arrogance and ignorance , post agin without

  • guest9999999

    Interesting (and great!) thing about this site is that I never see negative comments about the guys who post. Some guys get more up-votes and positive comments than others, but it seems to be an unspoken rule that if you don't have something positive to say you don't say anything at all.
    I guess this answers the question, "what do you have to do to get negative comments?"
    You literally have to flip off the viewers.

  • Robert

    I understand buddy, I'd flip myself off too if this were my reflection.

  • Leunam Larbac

    up yours jack

  • javin69

    We feel sorry for you. So sad.

  • MikeF

    inanely rude and crude.
    i don't understand why some guys feel compelled to do this.
    what exactly is the point?
    if nothing else, it makes a very unflattering statement about himself.

  • Boris

    He is probably in a very sad period of his life...

  • javin69

    High school.

  • Boris

    Yeah, I can envision it: being in high school at his ripe age must be very sad indeed...

  • javin69

    Yeah, sit in the back. Slump down. Hope nobody notices you never raise your hand and flunk all the quizzes. Can't wait till schools out so you can go smoke a cigarette and get somebody to buy you a beer. Wish you could meet a girl. Look in the mirror and hate yourself.

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