Guys With iPhones

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May 19, 2017 - 02:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Edward

    Sexy eyes and smile!

  • Edward

    See you smile, and sparkling eyes!

  • Brady Johnson

    So handsome and that killer need to get naked and show it all off!

  • thumper07

    So handsome with a super sexy body ! :P ~

  • Matt_et_Tempe

    Love your pectacular and abstastic smile

  • Parrin McCoy

    Well now...where you been hiding?

  • seanbaxter

    he's been waiting for you...

  • Parrin McCoy

    I doubt it Sean......but I'd be tickled if he did.

  • seanbaxter

    i'd dance at your weddin'. What about T, tho?

  • dklknAZ

    WOW! Incredible body and great looks.

  • SoCalRules

    Pretty face and crazy hot abs.

  • Ecstaticrop

    Hey handsome very hubby material :)

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