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April 30, 2009 - 08:52 PM
Guys with iPhones

    Maybe you should show you shaving more than just your face. ;) -

  • Shado

    I wouldn&apost talk, Jeff ... 1) look where you are (!) and 2) people who make comments like yours usually have a real shitty sex life ... and/or a small dick!
    At least he&aposs doing what a good number of us only fantasize about!

  • jon

    weird with shaving cream, but super hot armpit hair

  • nick

    whats his profile name on dudesnude?

  • Anonymous

    i&aposm hot...

  • jeff

    too bad he&aposs a nasty whore

  • jon

    love ya man

  • aj

    This is so supersoaker from xtube lol. He has amazion cumshots to die for

  • jack smith

    ho ho ho

  • jeff w.

    nice... this was the picture they used showing guyswithiphones on :)

  • Matt N

    Hehehe... love finding guys I know on here! He&aposs just as cute in person. :P

  • RicardoNL

    loves his profile on dudesnude

  • so Hot guy!

  • Its the supersoaker! From xtube!

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