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April 30, 2009 - 09:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • minimikej3

    Hand it over and I will milk it dry for you!


    That is one huge cock. Love to suck on that just once maybe twice.

  • Hunter

    nice huge cock :)
    lov to mee more :)

  • phew

    makes me so horny!

  • phew

    really hottie!

  • Andrew

    so damn hot

  • Dick Skinner

    It all works!

  • Anonymous

    Phew - no contest!

  • Anonymous hot

  • organist

    yowsah, wowsah!! all that meat and no potatoes!

  • Anonymous

    nice i would like to ride that cock

  • I could get with that

  • Scott

    I would love to deep throat that HOT cock!

  • dreamsucker

    guau, i fell horny

  • Diego

    make s me horhy

  • Anonymous

    Nice dick!

  • AA

    I&aposd like to suck you then fuck you all night then you could stick you hard cock up my ass

  • mimi_lover

  • ed

    nipple rings arent my thing.. but nice long dick!

  • david

    super dick buddy

  • mister

    I would love to suck your cut.......! well you get my drift

  • Anonymous

    love that cock would too suck it

  • cojobud

    love the big cock and hairy chest on this guy

  • dillon tomas

    i like you cj

  • CJ

    The piss stains, the body, the cock. They&aposre all fucking hot. I would drain the piss out of that cock in a heartbeat.

  • Arssen

    I agree with the others, you are awesome! I like your pics most of all here!

  • bobby

    Yah.. but i could put up with the piss stain, lets hope he&aposll squat

  • chris

    idk, i&aposd still suck the hell out of that dick. very nice.

  • crabs mcgonigle

    i can see the piss stains on your underwear...nasty

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