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April 30, 2009 - 09:34 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Dre

    That a nice ass!

  • Mtt

    Give me more!


    What a sexy ass dude.

  • Tha Bomb

    Damn u got a pretty phat ass man

  • male

    That pic rocks! And so does that ass!

  • David Holton

    He reminds me of that guy i had a quickie with in the public toilet. lol

  • Kronicus

    i really like this pic...u get to see his bum and face in a very cool my friend

  • MF

    damn...he could get it!

  • eyan

    well.......who likes vanilla cake. i know i damn sure do!!!

  • waukboi

    this couldn&apost be any more perfect.

  • chon

    love the look on his face and his meaty ass cheeks

  • Beautiful butt... I love it!

  • Kyle McK

    Very nice.

  • Enigmacub

    Looks like a guy I know in Seattle. Can&apost remember his name though!

  • chibottom

    you recognize his ass, lync?

  • whoever

    he look exactly like justin chambers from grey&aposs. like... exactly.

  • Salty Balls

    perfect ass!

  • Lync

    why does he look sooooooooooo damm familiar?

  • Rod M.

    oh yeah that ass would look great on my dick...

  • French

    I just love it!!!

  • Rolo

    wow, that is a great ass... email me stud!

  • Mike

    actually my fave :D

  • Red River

    High marks for creativity

  • Anonymous

    Lick it & Stick it....can we get a squat or two

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