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April 30, 2009 - 09:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • yummy

  • D. A.

    Whatever happened to this guy!!!! He was sooooooooo hot to me.

  • Jasson


  • Lee

    sweet nerdy boy

  • Tache7

    Lean, slim bod and interesting briefs.  Do you wear anything skimpier and more colourful?


    Looks like a sweet tight little ass ~ live to ride him doggie style !

  • blkthunderkat

    why does geeks fucking turn me on so0o damn much??!!!

  • Ben

    omg your so beautiful i would love to date you your soooo sexy!!

  • Kyle

    WOW you are my goal look!!!

  • anonymous

    god nice body

  • Anonymous

    u guys r gay

  • kris

    I want more of you. I&aposd love to have a photo of your "meat". Email me:

  • Wagner

    Very good, I liked... I&aposm brasilian guy... give me a shout at

  • Chris

    Very nice!!

  • organist

    Hey! didn&apost you just sell me an iPhone?

  • FunNFurryOtter

    not only is this pic hot, but it makes me giggle, too! just love it and you are beautiful, man!

  • Anonymous

    very hottt! give me a shout at

  • Allen

    I just love how sexy a geek can be!


    He is cute. I&aposd make out with him without hesitation.

  • Stephen

    Love the geeky look!!!!
    I bet he is good in bed!!!!

  • biointerdeluxe

    looks like you like IKEA?
    but you are hot!

  • Rômulo


  • Jon

    wildly sexy, just need to see his boy butt!

  • Matt N

    Damn, super hot!

  • Christian

    practically perfect in every way

  • Steve

    why do all nerds have to be so fucking sexy >

  • Hottest pair of glasses ever.

  • Matthew

    My new boyfriend???

  • james

    hot hot hot - love the glasses and the grey briefs! ;-) where are you ?

  • ryan

    God i think ur so hot, i find geeks so sexy!

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