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April 30, 2009 - 09:40 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • garry

    well u r a pretty boy,sure would love to lick u all over,spread your horny ass cheeks and eat u out royally ,then fuck u hard and long,,,yeahhhhhhhhhh

  • Momo

    Now that&aposs what I call a man. You are very beautiful and would love to talk with you. You are damn perfect and the kind of guy I love.


    so damn sexy dude.

  • Anonymous

    hot hot hot, mouth watering

  • punk

    very sexy hot hot hot!!

  • GrandEgress

    Men: If you were born after the early 80s you have ZERO business dressing like a punk. None.

  • Dick Skinner

    Man - I just know what lurks beneath those briefs is one of the sweetest smooth pieces of meat ... judging by the jet smooth body!

  • TC

    Beautiful...Sexy....Get at me

  • cumbiacarlos

    Amazing Body Face combo. The FULL Package!!!

  • James

    i think you need a new hair dresser they missed a spot

  • Anonymous

    Not so keen on the Mohawk but you have the body of a Greek statue.

  • OMG

    Seriously, you need to model professionally! Love that you have no tattoos....

  • latinpain

    yum come hurt me!!

  • Steph

    I love your skin. I wish less guys were tan.

  • alex

    man i wanna fuck you

  • alex

    man i wanna fuck you

  • jake

    @Brandon WOW! Hey it would be so awesome if you posted a pic up here on GWiP!!!!! please? :)

  • Contact Me! - - you&aposre hot as fuck!

  • P

    LOL I know you... well kind of. Very hot!

  • PirateMike

    Man I wanna fuck you you sexy ass punk .

  • Matt

    your skin is absolutely charming and white

  • pudgy

    i know this dude. he is more hot in real life.

  • gigi

    yummy. ideal fantasy material :-P

  • RĂ´mulo

    Model man, perfect!!!!

  • Vulga

    This looks a LOT like the porn actor &aposTitch Jones&apos, appearing in such master pieces as &aposHung Ladz&apos, &aposHung Boys&apos, &aposHuge and Horny&apos, &aposDouble Dicking&apos...
    He&aposs got a MASSIVE cock! I&aposts like a forearm.

  • Anon9

    Bold. Confident. Hot. I luv yur look dude

  • Ryan Reynolds (not the actor b

    Wow I love guys with Mohawks, and your hot as a McDonald&aposs cup of coffee.

  • For how many, Bobby? Hee hee.

  • bobby smith

    So hot but i do have reservations....

  • M

    You are so damn fine. Your sexy without having to show everything and leaving something for the imagination.

  • friskydivinity

    Hot look. You do a pair of CK&aposs proud! Nice to see beautiful skin w/o distracting tattoos. Bet you turn heads wherever you go!

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